Our vision is our Company to continue its successful operation during the next decades and become a “model” of Shipping Company that :

  • operates its vessels in a way that adheres to the highest safety, environmental and quality standards.
  • promotes openness, ethical conduct and integrity in all its dealings.
  • maximizes its shareholders’ value by maximizing returns on their investment.

Mission Statement

The Company is committed to:

  • Maintain ships operating worldwide under strict standards for employee safety and environmental protection.
  • Apply a proactive way of management and ship operation that results from its extensive know-how and experience gained throughout previous years.
  • Apply consistently “continuous improvement” principles by learning lessons from the past and successfully adapting to any technological, operational and financial market changes/ developments.
  • Maintain its “code of business ethics and conduct” that has been considered for years one of the Company’s strongest advantages for all parties dealing with it.
  • Provide high quality and transparent management services to ensure Investors’ satisfaction.
  • Provide a healthy and transparent work environment for all its employees and seafarers that gives them the incentive to contribute to the improvement of the Company’s quantitative and quality results and maximize their motivation to maintain all the values and standards set.
  • Expand and renew its fleet by taking advantage of the forthcoming opportunities in the shipping market.
  • Maintain and enhance its established customer and network relations and cultivate new relationships that will enable the Company to meet its objectives.